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Champagne Lucien Roguet - Cuvée UnderPressure
150 ans - Champagne Lucien Roguet Grand Cru
Bouteille-Champagne - Cuvée Underpressure - Millésime 2008 - Par Samuel Roguet
Champagne 2008 Grand cru - Cuvée Under Pressure - Par Samuel Roguet
But Vintage 2008 - 100% Oak Barrels - Mailly Champagne

Have you ever encountered an exceptional taste ? This tasty note which stays with you, this blissful moment that electrifies you… In Champagne, we call it “vintage”. A prestigious vintage born from an exceptional harvest.  


2008 will be remembered as one of the great years in Champagne.  The elixir of this harvest was sublimated in a limited edition, 650 bottles, and not one more... intended for a few privileged. All within the most eccentric of our bottles.  


To obtain this extraordinary cuvée, 12 years were necessary. Everything started in September 2008, with a high quality harvest when we decided to select some of our most beautiful plots hoping to achieve this long-awaited vintage. A choice that proved right since the following year we designed a first edition composed of the 3 grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay.  


Years went by… Two oak barrels stood out. Every year, the traditional tasting of blends delighted our taste buds. Six years of aging later… we made the decision to let our nectar slowly age for another six years in the shadow of our cellars to finally obtain this jewel awaiting to explode.


Like a rough diamond, shaped at extreme depths and under high pressure, « Under Pressure » identifies with this miracle of nature. This cuvée reflects the purity of the diamond by its luminous hue and amber glints. The effervescence is fine and melodious. The wine radiates... Its first notes reveal an expressive character with a bouquet of dried flowers and dried fruit before developing aromas of almonds and hazelnuts to conclude with a hint of pink grapefruit. A symphony of elegant aromatic richness to be enjoyed accompanied or alone...  


Precious, refined, exquisite, volcanic and totally extravagant... 

The Royal Vintage

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